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Workers’ Compensation

We have represented hundreds of injured workers in Pennsylvania. We represent only injured workers, never insurance companies. We have won millions of dollars of benefits for clients, and we handle a full range of work-related injuries.

Given the passage of workers’ compensation reform legislation on June 24, 1996, it is more important than ever for injured workers to have skilled, competent and zealous representation when facing the life altering circumstances often involved with a work injury. Check out our Ten Tips for Injured Workers.


All too often, people get divorced without ever understanding their economic rights.   If you find yourself considering a divorce or separation from your spouse, you need an attorney who will pay attention the all of the details that can ultimately determine whether you are going to be able to make a life for yourself after your marriage.  

The Strouse Law Firm takes a detail-oriented approach to each client’s case, and we work to ensure financial security and peace of mind.  Most importantly, we work for you to achieve your desired outcome and keeping in mind those things most important to you along the way.


There is nothing more important in our daily lives than children and grandchildren. When someone tries to deprive you of those precious few moments with your children, you need someone on your side that will protect your rights.   You also need someone who will understand the negative impact a protracted and contentious court battle will likely have on the children who are often caught in the middle.  

The Strouse Law Firm understands this delicate dynamic, and we approach each case with careful consideration of the impact it will have not only on the parents and grandparents, but the kids as well.  

Traffic Offenses

In Pennsylvania, traffic offenses are typically received in the form of a written citation issued from law enforcement.  A citation may be received at the time of a traffic stop, or later in the mail.  If you receive a citation, you have a short period of time to enter a plea with the Magisterial District Judge or you could face other problems, including the issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest.

Many traffic offenses include penalties that are not included on the citation you receive.  Entering a guilty plea to an offense could result in a license suspension or require you to attend an administrative hearing in order to keep your drivers’ license.   The Strouse Law Firm has extensive experience in handling Traffic offenses and we will help you avoid the many pitfalls you may face.


In the most difficult times it helps to know that someone is by your side and guiding you with sound and informed advice.  A variety of issues often arise following the death of a loved one, and the responsibility falls on those most affected by the loss to handle,  among many other things, creditors, taxes, probate and a life’s worth of property.  The task is often overwhelming.   

The Strouse Law Firm is here to make the entire process as simple for you as possible.  Our team will guide you and allow you to focus more of your time and energy on your family.


A great many problems can often be avoided if we take the time to memorialize our intent and wishes in writing.  For many friends and family, trying to handle the estate of a loved one who left no Will is an unbearable and thankless experience. The Strouse Law Firm provides clients with experienced Will preparation services and advice.   Best of all, The Strouse Law Firm won’t break your bank account in providing this essential service.

Municipal and Zoning Law

Chances are your local municipality has a set of ordinances that govern how land can be used.  Even though you may own the land, that doesn’t mean you can use it however you see fit.   Understanding these ordinances can be very confusing and often overwhelming.  The Strouse Law Firm has experience, both as solicitor and as counsel for a challenging party, in interpreting and applying municipal ordinances across Clinton County.  

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